Below you will find a list of all of my stories currently online.  Please pay attention to the ratings and warning codes beneath each story and do not read them unless you are sure the story is appropriate for you.  Please note that stories listed as in-progress (I/P) or coming soon (C/S) are given temporary warning codes that may change at any time as chapters are added.



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Some lessons are hard to learn. One boy learns a harsh lessons about hate from his grandfather.


Word Count: 2,244

Published: 11 Sep 2009



Snapshots of the lives of two people as they intertwine with each other...


Word Count: 9,218

Published: 22 May 2009



A kitten's dreams of being a tiger...


Word Count: 928

Published: 31 Mar 2009



Not everything is as it seems on a man's walk home...


Word Count: 558

Published: 25 Sep 2009



A man dreams of floating away on a red balloon...


Word Count: 302

Published: 18 Apr 2009




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